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Transporting Salt bears the fruits of Spiritczualic's first tour and journey in exile. Imagining the Enhancement Center as a traveling metaphysical presence, they carried its disembodied practice through their four inaugural European concerts. For each of these sessions, culminating on the Spring Equinox in 2018, they were joined on stage by a local bass player they hadn’t known before. 


Imagine something you might hear accompanying an hallucinatory Paul Bowles story: a spiraling, psychedelic epic from the early-days of electrified jazz. It traverses barren swamps, evaporating amidst asymmetrical waves of guitar and drones of homemade electronic feedback. Full of constant movement and growth, with distorted keys and Zither waiting patiently to appear for their parts. Naive children of Riley and Reich, Spiritczualic Enhancement Center offer a serpentine hike up the “Wisdom of the Idiots” trail, with the gravity of their emerging ritual as its mineral essence. 

Featured in Free Form Freakout's Favorite Music of 2020 

Staff Pick at the Attic (March 2020) 

"Really cool stuff” - The Avant Ghetto / Jeff Conklin (WFMU)

“Transnational hybrid of psychedelic-jazz, at times slipping into an almost kraut-groove feel, it’s been a nice one to just let play out while doing things around the house… Really, really strong release.” - FreeForm Freakout FFFoxy Podcast

“A chiller for uncertain times... a crack commando unit, untethered by the concept of borders.. creating their own spiritual odyssey that connects the middle-eastern desert blues with the krautrock of the DIY spaces they inhabit. Astral recordings pervade the room like jazz cabbage. Might be the chillest release of the year." - Tabs Out Podcast

"This transcendental jazz band.. floats on single-chord drones, weaving spooky threads of melody around syncopated beats. It’s meditative stuff, but more introspective than relaxing. Played in the background of your daily routine, Transporting Salt can make the mundane surreal." -Bandcamp Daily

Released on February 2, 2020

Recorded on March, 2018 at Golden Pudel (Hamburg), Punctum (Praha), Rhiz (Wien) and Arkaoda (Berlin)



Drums: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Percussion: Faani
Qanun: Yael Lavie
Guitar: Æladin
Keys: Omri Shmulewitz
Self-built electronics: Sasha Lee

Bass: Carl-John Hoffmann (Hamburg); Vojta Kubec (Praha); Clemens Miggitsch (Wien); Yonatan Levi (Berlin)

Live Mixing: Kristian Jakob (Hamburg); Pavel Štěpánek (Praha); John Norman (Wien); Goh Nakada (Berlin)

Mixing & Mastering: Nicolas Sheikholeslami

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