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Spiritczualic Enhancement Center -- a project which Norman Records deemed “reminiscent of Miles Davis at his most abstract” -- is a transnational project focused on the temporary transformation of spaces. Formed in Jerusalem, it now operates across the borders of nation, genre, medium and belief. Aiming to accelerate experimental cultural activism, Spiritczualic has collected collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds and origins (i.e Iran, Israel, Germany, USA, Russia, Japan, Czech Republic, Philippines, Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey, Denmark, England and Moldova), fusing more than 50 musicians and visual artists over the last three years. The project is a rare communion of participants that are connected at heart, but who meet solely on rare occasions such as the residency hereby proposed -- an issue becoming all the more critical since Covid-19.

By repurposing industrial spaces into sanctuaries for ritual improvisation, Spiritczualic aspires to generate meaningful site-specific performances, installations and documentations, which reflect on the tension between the sacred and profane in the contemporary post-industrial world.



The project was originally a squatted “Enhancement Center'' located in an ancient Ottoman dome, adjacent to Hamiffal ("The Factory"). The latter is an art community and collective platform which has been repurposing an abandoned 19th century building near the Old City of Jerusalem. Founded on Christmas Day 2017, while Nicolas Sheikholeslami was attending an artistic residency at Hamiffal, the project carries a distinct momentum -- as it has already released three albums, attended renowned festivals and conducted a month-long residency.

After departing from its initial space, Spiritczualic evolved into a travelling nexus of artistic activity, gathering for site-specific recording sessions in unique locations with distinct sonic properties. The project’s second major residency took place at Studio CityGate in Anderlecht, Brussels. As the largest urban developmental cultural hub in Belgium, Studio CityGate provided a 2500m2 warehouse with astonishing reverberation. This enormous pitch-dark chamber was converted into an “echo temple”, an acoustic-atelier in which Spiritczualic conducted a daily ritual of sound studies, culminating in a weekend of non-stop live performances and 14 days of recorded material (to be released in a 4-hour box set).

Complementing the sound were various forms of visual installations: (1) Dima Rabik’s live drawing and analog light projections created by handmade illustrations on glass shards found on-site; (2) Ventral is Golden’s large-scale collage paste-ups covering entire walls. An article featuring this residency was published on Visual Melt.

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Despite having been conducted with minimal funding, Spiritczualic’s aforementioned residency in Brussels was felt as a major success. Testimony to this is the quality and abundance of recorded material, as well as the praise received for the installations and the “non-stop” public performance - which took place for 24 hours. The hosting organization (Studio CityGate) and all of the local people involved were strongly affected by the unique energy of the residency -- it left a substantial mark and remained “the talk of the town'' months later. For Spiritczualic, the residency was a very formative experience. In retrospect, it is clear that it played a pivotal role in forming the sound of the project and its methodological study of resonance-improvisation.

​The key goal is therefore to expand upon and increase the success of Spiritczualic’s residency concept, as it was initially developed in Studio City Gate. With proper funding and support for the various essential aspects, the artists will be able to focus on the project at hand.


(1) To present an open-door exploration of the empowering effects of resonance-improvisation within vast industrial spaces.