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ONE ONE ONE - Toca do Coelho

One One One is the latest appearance to spring forth from the Enhancement Center universe – live-composed over a single evening session on February 5th, 2024 at the rural mountainous location of Toca do Coelho, Portugal.

The environment of this organic DIY farm was joyously unable to disentangle itself from its role as it became the source of the sounds miraculously born upon it.


The ambient backdrop — such as the clinks and clanks of slicing in the kitchen— is constantly felt as inseparable, inspiring in real-time the impromptu melodies and even the lyrics such as in Have You Ever Heard of the Screw Peeler?



1. The Mix Is In The Plate 05:37
2. Magnet of The Audiophonic Valley 05:31
3. Let’s Talk About It (Banking Song) 09:12
4. The Majority of Near Death Experiences 04:56
5. Have You Ever Heard of the Screw Peeler? 05:57
6. Zar Tsar Bizarre (Enjoy Brutalism) 08:36

Releases on August 1, 2024 

Recorded on February 5, 2024 at

Toca do Coelho, Portugal. 

Vocal/Osmose (Guitar, Track 1; Shofar, Track 2):

Omri S Shmulewitz 


Carl J Hoffmann

Guitar (Osmose, Tracks 1/2):


Mixing & Mastering: Carl J Hoffmann

Design: Omri S Shmulewitz


Rebecca Brodskis' most recent painting - just before it premiered at her solo exhibition at Bastille Design Center, Paris.

Rebecca hosted One One One as they drove from Toca do Coelho back to Berlin via a Friday night concert in Marseille.

The first unscripted rest-stop made by One One One after driving from Toca to a deserted gas-station deep in midland Spain.

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