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"Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back in 1969?'


on Berlin-based record label, Kinship


Founded in a magical Ottoman building adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem in 2017, the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center has quickly become a contemporary, ‘outer-nationalʼ project of musicians.

Borrowing from the ancient customs of utilising music, vibration, frequency and art to narrate the various dimensions of mythic thought, their performances become a symbolic meeting place, where syncretic imagery is expressed through both experimental and traditional instruments.



Nicolas Sheikholeslami - a 2018 Grammy Nominee, in the category of “Best Historic Album”, for his breakthrough research in Somali music from before the Civil war, which continues to gain acclaim (e.g in a monumental concert at Haus Kulturen Der Welt, several weeks ago). An archivist and music collector, DJ and musician, performing throughout the continent for a decade with various projects.

Omri Shmulewitz - graduate of prestigious excellence programs and a hi-tech intelligence unit, a pianist turned synthesizer-aficionado, singer and composer, as well as interdisciplinary entrepreneur with activities ranging from installations to social-tech projects.

Elad "Æladin" Kalai - Sculptor, carpenter and multidisciplinary designer. Ranging from landscaping to stage and festival design and construction. Releasing his solo album this summer.


Carl J Hoffmann - interdisciplinary creator from Hamburg, member of an impressive artist collective and chief of a professional recording studio. Besides production and editing, playing bass and Russian synth, he creates audiovisual solutions for theatre and is a non-standard “problem-solver” for a spectrum of related creators.

Alexander “Sasha Lee” Liakomovich - Bezalel graduate in the Visual Communications department, a versatile creator on the cusp between art and technology, produces experimental music based on instruments and electronic circuits his self-built designs.


Alexander Paul Jovanovich - owner of an independent recording and concert space in Berlin, producer with a vast history of collaborations with prominent artists and recording studios, collector of analogue instruments and equipment, inventor of DIY sound-computer interfaces.


Yael Lavie - DJ and radio broadcaster, Qanun student from the master of Andalusian music Nino Biton, studied Oriental music in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, played for two years in the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra and currently composing music for art performances.



Spiritczualic’s debut cassette Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back in 1969?, released on Berlin's Kinship, was selected by the Attic among its favourite albums of 2018.


Track - 'On the way back from Wadi Rum', taken from the cassette album. Expected release on Crash Symbols, 

Summer 2019.

Videos - Live Performances

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