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Take off your shoes and feel at home! Landing on Kryptox, the 4th record by Spiritczualic is a head-haunting tapestry woven with the colors of music by 18 artists originating from Iraq, Iran, Israel, Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Moldova, Romania, Czechia, Denmark and England. 

A mandalic carpet dwelled on the floor of the Ottoman dome which these spectral jazz disciples once squatted in ancient Jerusalem. Since their expulsion they’ve carried the rug as a relic housing its disembodied ghost, laying it out in temporally-shifting sonic destinations.

Communicating the expansive mystical attitudes recorded in capitals and countrysides, the Carpet Album is the spontaneous evolution born from their omphalos, the navel that spiralled into the tentative topology of the Enhancement and Enchancement Center. 

An atmospheric serving of tripped-out Levantine tea which your mother could sometimes enjoy, it's as if the carpet has crashed the workshop of Jazz Doctors Lloyd Miller & Lonnie Liston Smith. 

Their Astral library is overflowing with a sorcerous fusion of Venus-funk and Saturn-progressions, an elusive electric universe enchanted by the apprentices as they ponder planetary instability and cosmic upheaval. A luxuriant alien sound-mosaic is welcoming the Space Age, Getting Up with Returning to Forever - by Departing to Nowhere. How does it do it? Well.. it really ties the room together.

"Strongly influenced by early 70s Miles Davis as well as Daevid Allen’s hippie-jazz-commune Gong" - Der Freitag

To Be Released on October 15, 2021 

Recorded at Outernational Days Festival (Bucharest), Punctum (Praha), 

Niedervolthoudini Studios (Hamburg) and Toustrup Mark


carpet front for web.jpg
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