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Spiritczualic Enhancement Center

is a spectral trance-jazz ensemble with a psychedelic-punk methodology.

Spiritczualic (“cz” borrowed from the Polish / tʂ / hard “tch”) - a word-melange of ritualic and spiritual, reflects upon the ancient practice of musical ritualism. As an idea, it greatly predates the physical occurrence of the Enhancement Center on Christmas Day 2017, when an Ottoman building below the Gates of Old Jerusalem illicitly opened itself for a remarkable meeting. 


The trespassing people who happened to be there - admittingly bizarre participants synchronized by state-of-mind rather than tune or scale - began exploring sonic sessions of do-it-yourself mysticism. 

As an outernational movement, Spiritczualic functions as an eclectic traveling nexus -- collecting dozens of participants to explore alchemical realms of sonic ritualism.

Witnesses of its gatherings have indeed reported moments of divination - and possibly sorcery. This raises the question, will the audience once again behold the allurement of Higher Sources - or rather testify to trickery.

Fusing self-built electronics and digital algorithms with experimental improvisation and traditional instruments, recurring collaborators have studied under masters of Andalusian music; conducted Grammy-award nominated digging; and established underground venues and professional recording studios.

Since its formation, many collaborators have "visited the Center," with origins from Iraq, Iran, Israel, Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Moldova, Romania, Czechia, Denmark and England. 

Visual artist Dima Rabik contributes his devotional miniature ink style to all Spiritczualic releases. Together with Ventral is Golden concerts have become mythic temples adorned with microscopic visual projections and syncretic collages.


When manifesting residencies in warehouses and repurposed buildings, Spiritczualic Enhancement Center produces site-specific recordings and space-oriented audio-visual installations.




Transporting Salt screen print
Transporting Salt screen print

- Gilles Peterson, Worldwide FM



"Strongly influenced by early 70s Miles Davis as well as Daevid Allen’s hippie-jazz-commune Gong" - Der Freitag

"Really cool stuff!”

- The Avant Ghetto / Jeff Conklin WFMU

"Fathoms-deep, gnostic, communal psych and dub-disco-jazz jams"

- Bookmat

".. a post-hippie spaceship to take you wherever the fuck you want"

- The Attic



08.01 Mazkeka, Jerusalem
14.01 Postel, Jaffa
14.03 Golden Pudel, Hamburg
16.03 Punctum, Prague
18.03 Rhiz, Vienna
23.03 Arkaoda, Berlin

30.06 Dubstation, Fusion Festival, Germany
08.07 Klunkerkranich, Berlin
21.09 Outernational Days Festival, Bucharest
25.09 Ziegrastraße, Berlin
30.09 New Hamburg Festival, Hamburg
06.10 Le Salopard, Biel
16.11 Chez Fritz, St. Gallen
21.11 Pink Pank, Rotterdam
23.11 Le Brass, Bruxelles


17.04 Golden Pudel, Hamburg
18.04 Klunkerkranich, Berlin
05.05 Studio City Gate, Bruxelles
23.05 Voodoohop at Mensch Meier, Berlin
10.06 Ziegrastr. 11, Berlin
13.06 w HFBK, GWA Hamburg
14.06 MS Stubnitz, Hamburg

10.08 Kraut am Ebertplatz, Köln
11.08 HausLicht, Köln
07.09 Camp Cosmic, Chemnitz
06.12 Ziegrastr. 11, Berlin
08.12 Astra Stube, Hamburg


01.02 Westwerk, Hamburg

05.02 Oceanen, Gothenburg

06.02 Huset kbh, Copenhagen

07.02 Momentum, Odense

08.02 OCCII, Amsterdam

11.02 Gewölbe, Cologne

12.02 Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

14.02 Coco Velten, Marseille

15.02 Bad Bonn, Düdingen

16.02 Renee Bar, Basel 

18.02 Raymond  Bar, Clermont 

20.02 Kinky Star, Ghent 

21.02 De audio Plant, Antwerp 

22.02 Zorba, Paris

27.02 Arkaoda, Berlin


30.06 Patrick of Cagnourine, Tende
03.07 Erika of Lamentargue, Tende
07.07 Tannery TBD, Barjols
11.07 Jardin Rocambole, La Brigue
04.08 Han.Materialverwaltung, Hamburg
05.08 Aeden, Berlin


 “An ambient yet curiously 

 spiritual work, reminiscent of 

 Miles Davis at his most abstract.” 

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